Identity is who or what you identify with. One of the most important things about you is understanding with revelation the truth God has already declared over you. In Christ, you no longer identify yourself with your sin. You identify with the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. Every sin, every addiction, all the shame, all the condemnation was paid for at the cross. The debt your sin cries out for was paid in full at the cross through Jesus. The debt condemnation cries out for was paid in full at the cross. That shame was paid for at the cross. 

It’s not about “I have to not sin. I have to stop this sin, this addiction” as if it’s in your own will power to stop. When you identify with the cross of Jesus, your sin died with Him. Now it’s not “I have to stop this sin”, it’s “I don’t have to do this sin anymore because I have the presence of the Lord”. “I don’t have to do these things that have had a stronghold in my life because I belong to Jesus “. This doesn’t have to be a stronghold in my life because now Jesus is my stronghold. My spirit is married to Him. I have Him. 

When you have a revelation of who God really is and who you really are, you behavior will come into alignment. That’s where the word becomes flesh in you. 

Your key to freedom is to continually come to Jesus. To keep coming to Him. To walk with Him. He does not despise your weakness. He put on your humanity when He walked this earth. He’s not mad at you. He’s not disappointed in you. He sees the fight in your heart for Him. That pleases Him. Your identity does not change and its not based on how good or bad your doing.

He declared you righteous before you ever made that mistake.

He declared you sanctified before you were ever addicted to that thing.

He declared you accepted in the Beloved before you were born.

The list could go on. No longer make agreement with your old nature. It has been crucified with Christ. It’s dead. Agree with Jesus about who He has already declared you to be. That revelation becomes an added layer for you to walk in. Your life of victory hinges upon this foundation.