Aug 2013 Fam and Misc 261

The brokenness of the path causes my feet to stumble
The thorns piercing my flesh, the trees hide the light
I just don’t understand this rugged path sometimes
No left way to turn, none to the right
Just this one I’m on that is ever before me
This long and dreary road fills me with so many questions
But not enough answers to quench my thirst
I’m hungry for more, a new path immersed with new sights
New sounds, new adventures that make certain a new season has arrived
But it’s always the same, the haunting whispers and whirling wind
The teasing rain of possibility that so abruptly disappears
And I’m left with a fog that follows me and taunts my view
Begging the questions of when, why, and how
It leaves me breathless, bending under the weight of disappointment
Everything that I don’t understand, piercing the very depth
But I can’t let go of now what I have so dearly clung to all the while
Those seeds I will sow into the very ground that brought the rain and the fog
For in due time, farther down this trodden path, the flowers will bloom
And the time of singing will come that will dawn a new season