Tonight a ministry I am a part of called Orphan Advocates met tonight for one of our monthly meetings. Orphan Advocates is basically what the name implies. We advocate for Orphans- domestic and international. But it’s more than advocating vocally whether by being a voice to other people to make them aware of the plight of the Orphan and the Father’s heart and the part the Church (not the little ‘c’ church, not what the Pastor should be doing but what the Church, the Body, the Believers, the Disciples of Jesus should be doing) has in this plight or advocating vocally before the throne of God. Although it is both of these things. But it is rescuing them. It’s that we have been gripped with the plight of the orphan, we have been gripped by the Father’s heart, and have been gripped with the mandated call on the Church to visit, care, and rescue these kids. Father rescued us and adopted us into His family when we were lost in sin, enemies of God, dead in our trespasses by sending His Son to die for us to make a way for us. To look into the eyes of the Lamb who was slain and having the revelation of what King Jesus has done for you will wreck what you really think about “religion” and what your life is about. It’s not about you. It’s not about your salvation only. Salvation is where your life begins, not ends. Your salvation was not the ends to which Christ died for you. It was the beginning to bring you life and life abundantly in Him (John 10:10) so you could continue what He started when He was on the earth and bring Him back to earth to restore all things and bring the habitation of Father down to dwell amongst us. In this revelation, Love compells us to what’s on the Father’s heart which are these Orphans. To advocate and to rescue. We have had several families go through the classes at DHR to be licensed for foster care/adoption. We have people who are wrap around families ( who just assist in the needs of the families who do have foster children). Our vision it not only the children, but to reach out to the families of these children, and not only to the families but to DHR as well. Our mission is big, our vision is big, but our God is bigger and with Him all things are possible. If you would like more information about Orphan Advocates let me know and I will get you in contact with the right person. We would love to have you partner with us in what God is doing. Do not think that what you have to offer will not be needed or sufficient because I promise you that you are needed and are probably an answer to our prayers.

Ok. So all that was just a side note. That is not what I intended to write about or what this blog post is primarily about, but it’s just a detour stop on the road to get to where we’re going in this blog post. :)

So like I said we had one of our monthly meetings tonight. After the meeting was over, we were all fellowshipping and the kids came back out (we had childcare tonight). I was still sitting in my chair just thinking and watching everyone and one of the foster children that one of our families have was running around playing with a balloon and just having a good ole time. The foster mommy was sitting in a chair next to me. Well, this child came to a point to where he wanted his foster mommy to hold him. So from where he is at, a few feet or so in front of her sitting down on the floor., he reaches our his arms to her. She reaches her arms to him. Yet, they are still to far a part for her to grab him. So, he reaches out a little bit more. She leans forward and reaches out a little further. Still to no avail. So he gets a little bit closer and keeps reaching. She leans forward a little bit more and reaches out a little further. By now, they are so close to each- just within reach- and then he just completely falls to the ground and that was it.

It just made me think, how many times do we do that with God? We start reaching for Him. He reaches back. We keep pressing in. We keep pushing. We keep seeking. We keep praying. We get closer and closer. How many time do we get so close to grabbing hold of that revelation we have been seeking for, to that breakthrough we have been seeking for for so long, to that answer we have been asking for, and then just completely stop and fall to the ground because of discouragement or the challenge of just waiting on God? We get so close, within arms reach, of grabbing hold of that which we have been seeking and praying for and just so close to grabbing hold of Him and we stop not even realizing how close we really are.

Keep seeking. Keep pressing in. Come a little closer. Your answer will come. Your breakthrough will come. That strength you’ve been asking for will come. That peace in the midst of the storm you have been fighting for will come. That understanding and wisdom you’ve been asking for will come. Keep reaching. I know it’s hard at times. If you don’t know what to do, just say as Jehoshaphat said “[I] do not know what to do, but [my] eyes are on You.” (2 Chron 20:12). I just heard a song for the first time on the radio on my way home from church this past Wednesday and I got the ending of it, but I knew it was something the Lord was speaking to me. I came home and found it on youtube and listened to it (from the beginning:) several more times. But the chorus says “The wait is slow, and we’ve so far to go, keep your eyes on the prize, hold on.”

Friends, keep your eyes the prize…Jesus.

And hold on. Don’t give up. You’re so close.